Warrington 10K Entry

Entry information will be provided nearer the race date.

How to Enter

No refunds can be given. Entries can be transferred via niftyentries.

Entrants must be 18 or over on the day of the event.

Please note that you have to pick up your race number on the evening of the race from the race headquarters.


On the Night

Online entries will be left open until 2 hours before the race. No entries will be possible after this.

Elite Entries

A limited number of elite entries will be available to high standard runners. We have the largest cash prizes the race has ever had in its history, and a healthy bonus available to any individual who sets a new course record.

If you are a male who has run a sub 34:00 or a female who has run a sub 39:00 time in the past year, or you have demonstrated form in other distances that suggests you will achieve this standard, please contact the race director directly by email on warrington10k@gmail.com.

Closing Dates

The last date for entry on-line is Thursday 25th June 17:30

Race Limit

There is a race limit of 400 runners for this race.